7th Standard

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Punk-metal band from Sacramento, CA.


Formed in 1996 and taking their name from a road in Bakersfield, CA.

Throughout the decade, 7th Standard made a name for themselves by playing West Coast gigs and self-releasing two EPs. By 2001, they were sharing dates with the Deftones and Papa Roach. In 2002, frontman Jason Mahon took home a Sammie (Sacramento Area Music Award) while the band earned a nomination for Best Rock Band. Immortal Records caught on to the buzz surrounding 7th Standard and offered them a deal before the year's end.

The Fire From the Sky EP coincided 2003 summer dates with the annual Vans Warped Tour.

The band broke up in 2007 with Mahon joining Midnight Academy and Camacho, Stars Align.



  • Fire From the Sky

2003 EP

  1. Sensitive Skin
  2. Apologize
  3. Can't Get AWay
  4. Embarrassing
  5. You Decide (acoustic version)

  • Underneath a Lonely Light

2005 album

  1. Slow Burn 4:06
  2. Expressline to the Limelight 3:37
  3. Better Attention 3:28
  4. The Worst Conditions 4:56
  5. Underneth a Lonely Light 3:34
  6. Loud and Pure 4:32
  7. Time to Let Go 3:55
  8. Good Conversations 5:10
  9. () 1:13
  10. Ashes 3:10