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Neve was a Los Angeles, CA pop rock band formed in 1997.

The band was signed to Columbia Records and recorded their first album, "Identify Yourself" for release in late 1998. It featured the single "It's Over Now," which was also included on the soundtrack to the movie "The Faculty". The single peaked on the Billboard Modern Rock charts at #30 in 1999 and reached #25 on the Adult Top 40 charts in 2000. The album was eventually released under the title "Neve" in 2000 however, due to the long lag between the single's popularity and the album release, together with problems with the band's promotion, the album did not sell well and the band was soon dropped from the label.

The band broke up in 2001 with Stephens going on to form Stars Align.



  • It's Over Now

1998 single on Columbia/Sony Music

  1. It's Over Now (Radio Remix Edit w/Intro) 3:48
  2. It's Over Now (Radio Remix w/Intro) 4:01
  3. It's Over Now (Album Version) 4:02
  • Neve

2000 album on Portrait cat# VK 69428

  1. Digital On
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. It's Over Now
  4. Motor
  5. Same Old Story
  6. Absent
  7. Freeform
  8. Skyfall
  9. Trip and Glide
  10. 3 Years
  11. Anything
  12. Step Up
  13. Drift