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AKA "Doctor Echo".


Originally from the Sacramento, CA area, drummer and percussionist. He holds a B.M. from CSU Sacramento, a M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts,a D.M.A. from UC San Diego and currently teaches percussion and improvisation classes at Chapman University Conservatory of Music.

Owned and operated Soundlab Recording Studio, Sacramento CA from 1996 to 2001 before setting up dub label, Anicca Records and Anicca Recording Studio in Anaheim, CA during 2004.[1]


Solo Discography

  • Doctor Echo

2004 album on Anicca Records

  1. Acquired Space 4:25
  2. Seven Kings 3:54
  3. Massive Dub 4:35
  4. Blue Sky 4:05
  5. Passion 5:04
  6. Newland Dub 5:22
  7. Living Reality Through Dreams 2:48
  8. Dub for Truth 3:38
  9. Dub #3 5:15
  10. Mix That Hits Like Bricks 2:42
  11. The Original 4:18
  12. No More War 6:08
  13. Five 5:12
  14. Lost Arte 3:07

Featuring Nkosazana Divine (vocals), Tyler Pope (guitar) and Harley White Jr.

Other Credits