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Kimbosaur Psychastik has been playing stringed instruments since he was 6 years old when his grandmother gave him a guitar for Christmas and the fire was lit. Keyboards, drums, trombone & trumpet helped to add to growing experimentation with sound during his early years. The first time he performed on stage he was still in Ortega Elementary School. He continued to focus on guitar during high school. He has played in several different bands and collaborations. Developing an intimate experience with how music moves the spirit. Kimbosaur completed an Associates of Arts Degree in Music Theory Composition & Instrumental. Working as a teacher’s assistant at Solano Community College in Sound Recording & MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) he explored the intricacies of layering sound & voice while helping others do their own projects. He has worked running sound during live performances for different local bands and events, including Delbert Bump, Steve Homan & Bobatunde Lea Jazz trio, Wayne Perkins, Suisun Jazz Festival and other events. He has run live sound for Joseph & the Technicolor Dream Coat, Evita, other live theatrical performances. He started playing bass in 1986 to fill in bass line for his own material. Having written songs as far back as 1975, he would share the finished pieces.