True West

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Davis, CA area alternative rock band, part of the "Paisley Underground".


Originally active from 1980 to 1987, the band reformed in 2006 (with original members Russ Tolman, Richard McGrath, and Gavin Blair) and played several concerts through 2009.


Former Members


  • True West

1983 EP on Bring Out Your Dead Records

Produced by Russ Tolman and the Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn.

  • Hollywood Holiday

1983 album on PVC

  • The Drifters

1984 album on PVC

  • Hand of Fate

1986 album on CD Presents

Guests: Matt Piucci (Rain Parade) - Guitar; Chuck Prophet (Green on Red) - Guitar.

  • West Side Story

1989 compilation album on Skyclad Records

  • Best Western

1990 single on Skyclad Records

  • Two True

1992 compilation album on Weed Records

  • The Big Boot: Live at the Milestone

1998 live album on Boyd Productions

  • Hollywood Holiday Revisited

2007 CD album on Atavistic

Double album reissue of "Hollywood Holiday" and "The Drifters"