Tattooed Love Dogs

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Americana/Rock band from Sacramento, CA.

Active 1988-2001; Reformed 2007-present.

Formed in 1988, The Tattooed Love Dogs scorched the Sacramento music scene with their country-tinged rock, long before terms like "alt-americana" were coined. Lords of the local live music scene, they also toured the West Coast to Austin circuit, opening for legends Leon Russell and Steppenwolf, and sharing the stage with bands Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill in "Big Top Loco."

They finally hung up their spurs in 2001 but after a special "5 year reunion" show in September 2006, the flame is once again burning.

Several of the members also appeared under the name Seventy during 2004-2010.


Former Members:


  • Gnashville (1995 album)
  1. Not Pretty
  2. Hold Me Gently
  3. Who Knows
  4. Why Deny
  5. Righteous
  6. Purgatory
  7. Sea to Shinning Sea
  8. Down the Road
  9. Tree of Love
  10. Solitary Man