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The Steady Ups from Sacramento, CA played a heavy Jamaican set ranging from rocksteady, early reggae and dancehall. Formed in 1994, the band constantly toured the West Coast delivering heavy rhythms, sweet female vocals and dominating, yet soulful male vocals.

They shared the stage with legendary reggae vocalists and the best newcomers including After Hours, See Spot, Rhythm Doctors, Aggrolites, and Debonaires. In early 2002, the Steady Ups released a split CD with The Speakeasies from Connecticut that generated a cult following across the world, especially within "skinhead reggae" scenes.

They appeared on countless compilations in the USA and Germany, most notably "Smash Your Radio 2" on Jump Up! Records and 2003's monster 4xCD American Ska anthology "Still Standing", which has sold over 5000 copies.



  • The West Coast Chronicles Volume One

1997 compilation album on Steady Beat Recordings SBR 110CD

Track 9: Shake You Loose

  • Soul of the City

2004 album on Jump Up! Records

  1. Come to Tell the World 2:17
  2. Better Days 3:25
  3. You Amaze Me 3:08
  4. Live Forever 4:23
  5. Read My Lips 3:31
  6. Living in Sin 2:42
  7. Gun You Down 3:34
  8. Soulless Devices 3:42
  9. Dub for the Soulless 1:40
  10. No Need to Worry 3:00
  11. Just a Little While (ft. King Django) 2:47
  12. Why, Why, Why 3:46
  13. I Never Wanted to Hurt You 3:00
  14. Bygones 2:30
  15. Long Way to Go 4:20
  16. Darlin' 3:37
  17. Shake You Loose 4:01
  18. Undone 2:41
  19. Melany 3:55
  20. This Life Makes Me Wonder 2:16
  21. Mr Swindle 2:37

Guest vocal appearances by Mike Mowry and Chris Murray.

Mastered by Eric Broyhill.

  • Dub Disaster: Steady Ups vs Dr Echo

2005 album on Anicca Records

  1. Dub Disaster 3:48
  2. Better Days Version 3:48
  3. Shake Down Dub 3:06
  4. Fist of Dub 3:43
  5. Step Live 3:21
  6. Long Dub 3:53
  7. Your Heart in Dub 2:25
  8. Dub the Nation 2:23
  9. Oppressor Version 4:00
  10. Steady Bumpin' 3:58
  11. Last Dub 5:08

Doctor Echo was a founding member of the Steady Ups. He left in 2000 to pursue other projects, but stayed in contact with his former colleagues, and held onto the master tapes of some of their recordings from the late '90s. A dubmeister of long experience, he created this album by taking 11 selected tracks from the Steady Ups archive and subjecting them to his own brand of crazy dubwise love.