Stasi Quinn

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Hip-Hop artist from Sacramento, CA


Nastasia Townsend, simply known as “Stasi Quinn” represents a very inimitable and extraordinary demeanor. Overcoming childhood challenges and struggles, Stasi has developed a strong belief of self empowerment. Facing the adverse of abuse and being left homeless all before the age of ten years old, life at that instance was not so vivid for Stasi. Looking beyond what was visible for her at the moment, she believed that there was more to life and continued to strive for success. With very little help, Stasi has come a long way and now wish to rest a paradigm inspiring young girls that “anything is possible, regardless of your background or life challenges.

Despite the hard-hitting occurrences that were thrown at her, Stasi’s audacity and faith gave her the strength to endure and originated her passion for writing music at the age of nine years old. In the early ages of Stasi’s life, her love for music was not spoken but she knew it was a passion that could not be taken from her. As the years past, Stasi’s faith guided her to the blessings of her guardian angels at the age of fourth teen, which she calls her God parents. Without hesitation, her God parents accepted her in their home and illustrated to her that genuine love do exist. Among her love and appreciation for her God parents, she did not take advantage of their love and support for her. Rather, she inhaled it as motivation and urged to take on the world in her own hands.

Stasi had a visualization of being an admired musical professional one day. Stasi’s persona with music started out as the Rhythm and Blues leading to her early teenage years when she then established her interest in the Hip Hop genre. Although Stasi had a strong love for music, she began modeling at the age of seventeen, keeping her music in its hiding place and away from the world. At the age of twenty one years, Stasi faced and recovered from a crippling injury that led her sanity back to pursuing her music ambition and to explore other opportunities. Determined to rise to the top with self empowerment and the nurture from her God parents, she went on a last minute whim. Stasi went on an audition for a reality TV show call Bad Girls Club, aired on Oxygen. Without a glitch, Stasi made the cut out of hundreds and thousands of girls. Who would have ever thought this unknown, simple, girl from Sacramento, CA was now appearing on a popular reality TV show?

Encouraged by the accomplishment of making it on Bad Girls Club during the first audition, Stasi knew she had a special attribute that others saw in her. Stasi accumulated her self confidence into exploiting her true endowment in music. Bringing out her sheltered talent and love for music, Stasi is now determined to share her gift in music with the world. Apart from starring on Bad Girls Club: Season 7, Stasi’s plan is to take full force in mirroring the R&B Diva, Beyonce, in a Female Rap-Star altitude. Sharing her story with the world the sky is the limit at this point. Stasi is not just a TV personality.In the midst of drastic action, Stasi Quinn is showing the world she is going from “Bad to Bizness” and that life goes beyond a media exhibit.