Sister Crayon

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Sacramento-based electronic trip-hop band.

Previously performing under the name Silent and Clemintine, Terra Lopez decided "I didn't want to be shy anymore, and I wanted to have a name that was bolder, and a completely different alter ego." She teamed first with Dani Fernandez and then expanded to a quartet.



  • Enter Into Holy (or)ders


  • Bellow

2011 album on Manimal Records

  1. I'm Still The Same Person 03:41
  2. Here We Never Die 03:41
  3. And Glass... 04:32
  4. (in) Reverse 03:54
  5. Every Third Hour 03:35
  6. Anti-Psalm 05:09
  7. Thief-Boxer, Asleep 04:51
  8. Stem 04:46
  9. Ixchel, The Lady Rainbow 07:53
  10. Souls of Gold 03:58