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Sacramento, CA area punk band active from 1991 to 2016.


The band was formed by Mickie Rat, Dave Leon and DJ Willis. After about a month of rehearsals, DJ Willis died from injuries received when his scooter was hit by a drunk driver. At his funeral Mickie met Dan Reynoso who joined the band, adopting the name "Danny Secretion", first on guitar before moving to drums.

They released numerous albums and singles, and toured the USA and internationally.



  • We Secrete You Suck

1997 7" EP on Drool City Records

  1. Blast Off
  2. We Secrete & You Suck
  3. My Prom Date Was Gay
  4. Baloney
  5. Alien Girl
  6. Prozac Boy
  7. Tear It Down

  • Attention Deficit Disorderly

1998 album on Slap Happy Records

  1. I Was Seduced By The Bearded Lady
  2. Four Speed Automatic Jesus
  3. I Still Think Cindy Crawford's Ugly
  4. Freaks Like Us
  5. I Gotta Pee
  6. Gut Trash Vegan
  7. I Can't Believe I Went To The Highschool Prom
  8. Viva La Lucha Libre
  9. Kill My Neighbors
  10. The Girl Who Was Thirty Feet Tall
  11. Insulin Not Heroin
  12. Anarchy Is Silly
  13. I Want You To Be My Muse
  14. Love Of My Life

  • Seven Inches

2001 7" split EP on Drool City Records with the Riff Randals

  1. You Make Me Pop A Boner
  2. Chunk Lips
  3. I-5

  • Til Death Do Us Party

2002 7" single on Springman Records with the Groovie Ghoulies cat# SPMN25

  1. Til Death

  • 'Til Death

2002 album on Springman Records cat# SPMN18

  1. 'Til Death
  2. Wreckin Ball Of Sound
  3. Sick Of Feelin Like Shit
  4. Attention Deficit Disorderly
  5. I'm Gonna Get You So Laid
  6. I Need Caffeine
  7. My Sister Is A Tweeker
  8. Do You Still Wanna Be My Girlfriend
  9. Double O Summer
  10. Chunk Lips
  11. Art Rock Mother Fucker
  12. Boner
  13. Fuckin Zombies
  14. Mil Mascaras
  15. We Secrete You Suck

  • Coming To Save The World

2005 album on Springman Records cat# SPMN60

  1. Kick Your Daddy's Ass
  2. Faker
  3. Cemetary Pogo
  4. Long Lovely Road
  5. Hippie Stoner
  6. Can't Be Trusted
  7. Don't Wanna See Het That Way
  8. Mercy Rose
  9. Can't Believe I'm Falling In Love
  10. Computerhead
  11. Zombie Girl
  12. Disturbing Analogues
  13. Grapper
  14. Road On Which I'm Leaving

  • Faster Than The Speed Of Drunk

2007 album on Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club cat# SILVER003

  1. Faster Than The Speed Of Drunk
  2. 3 Chords And A Fuck You
  3. Fired For A Living
  4. Mini Suicide
  5. It's Better If I Just Lie To You
  6. Moms Fucked Up
  7. Freaks Like Us
  8. That Kind Of Girl
  9. Kill My Neighbors
  10. Ramen And A 40
  11. Troublemaker
  12. Jerkin Off To You
  13. Alien Girl
  14. Viva La Lucha Libre
  15. Don't Fuck With The Teenage Harlets

  • Blast-Off!

2007 7" single on Gearhead Records cat# RPM077

  1. Blast-Off! 1:58
  2. Ramen and a 40 (Alternate Version) 1:48

Vocals on Blast-Off!: Angel Nova and "Joe Bot 2.0"

Recorded at Pus Cavern Studios, Sacramento CA; Engineered by Joe Johnson.

  • Greasy Hot Meat Cheezy

2009 album on Drool City Records cat# DROOL005

  1. One Way Rocket 3:32
  2. Back In The Day Punk 2:17
  3. Tic Tic Tic 1:47
  4. Bipolar Billy 2:59
  5. Hypocritical Mass 1:06
  6. Queen Of The Scene 2:25
  7. Green Eyed Killer 2:13
  8. Love Of My Life 2:06
  9. She's A Robot 1:56
  10. Little Miss Know-It-All 1:46
  11. Tony Silva Rides The Bus 1:28
  12. The Brass Ring 2:21
  13. Eoin Is Smart And Charming 0:11

Recorded at Pus Cavern Studios, Sacramento CA; Engineered by Joe Johnson.


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