Russ Tolman

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Sacramento, CA area guitarist, vocalist, producer and songwriter.

Born August 15th, 1956.


Solo Discography

  • Totem Poles and Glory Holes

1986 album on Down There/Restless

  • Down in Earthquake Town

1988 album on Demon, UK and 1989 on Skyclad Records, USA

  • Goodbye Joe (1990 album on Skyclad)

Credited as Russ Tolman and the Totem Polemen

  • Road Movie

1992 album on New Rose, France

  • Sleeping All Alone

1992 EP on New Rose, France

  • Sweet Spot

1994 album on Brilliant Records

  • City Lights

1998 album on Blue Rose, Germany

  • New Quadraphonic Highway

2000 album on Blue Rose, Germany and Weed Records USA