Okra Pickles

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Funk/Swamp/Pop-Rock three-piece band from the Sacramento, CA area foothills. Gwamba and Clovis went on to form Freight Train Riders of America.


  • Gwamba: Vocals, Guitar
  • Clovis: Bass, Vocals
  • Ry: Drums, Vocals


  • No Lifegaurd On Duty at the Gene Pool


  • All Damn Day (Play it Every Day)

1999 single

  • Blue Green

2000 album

  1. Things That I Think
  2. Wish I Was At Your Party
  3. Jesco White
  4. Play It Everyday
  5. Blue-Green
  6. Well Known Fact
  7. Why Is Everybody Allways Looking At Me
  8. No Shit
  9. Lemonade
  10. Crack Pipe
  11. Grooves-A-Smoovie
  12. Get Some Santa Clause
  13. The Fishin Song
  14. Green Van