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Welcome to the Local Bands Wiki

I started this site because Wikipedia wouldn't let me add an entry for my buddies old bands, simply because they weren't famous enough. For more on the "rules" read No One Cares About Your Garage Band at Wikipedia.

Well, WE CARE!

There are plenty of local bands, past and present, that are (or were) very popular without "hitting it big", so I thought it would be fun to make a wiki just for them. You can help...

Become your town's correspondent or historian!

Add your town (if it isn't already here) and reference your fave local acts.

Or fill in the info on YOUR old band.

Above all, have fun!

This site uses the wonderful services of CleanTalk in order to cut down on spamming - and we recommend you use it on your sites, too! But before you can contribute you will need to register and submit a short 30 word biography plus confirm your email address. I hope you understand this slight inconvenience makes for a better site for all of the REAL users.


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