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With the common history of social rejection between Melanie Levy and Kevin Sur, the two wanted to have the chance to musically express these frustrations upon the 1996 formation of their band, Luckie Strike. Accompanied by Dre Gallardo and Liz Beidelman, the band set up camp in their native Sacramento, California and developed a small following from all those who could relate to their tales of being picked on in high school. With an addition to their fast paced aggression and tender, melodic vocals, Pork n Beans Records released the bands full-length debut, "Geekcore" in 1997. A heavy tour across the United States followed in support of the album during 1998. The band broke-up in 2002.



  • Geekcore (1997 album on Pork n Beans Records)
  1. That's All
  2. Can't Afford It
  3. 25 Hour Day
  4. Charles Dumar
  5. Intro
  6. Alice
  7. Carpet
  8. Get Some
  9. Don't Smiile at Me
  10. This View
  11. Walkdown
  12. My Christmas
  13. Close the Door

  • Have You Seen Me? (1998 EP)
  1. Sloop John B
  2. Slightly Stoopid
  3. Part Two
  4. Eat Your Poop