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Sacramento, CA area pop punk band, active from 1993 to 2003.


In June of 1993, Tom Hutchinson, (Captain 9 and Knickerboker Trio joined forces with Tim White and Tom Anderson to form The Knockoffs. Drawing from their old school punk rock influences, the result was fast paced, jangly pop-punk sound with a good slice of lyrical humor thrown in for kicks.

After nearly 2 years of gigging on the Northern CA club circut and numerous releases on compilations, the band released two 7" singles, "The Unreleased Tracks" and "Wake Up and Smell The Knockoffs" which enjoyed extensive air-time on Northern California college radio stations. However the band members went their separate ways to pursue other projects in late 1995. Hutchinson to The X-Teens, Anderson to Monster Zero and White with the Tiki Men.

The band reformed in 1996 with ex-Groovie Ghoulies drummer Wendy Powell replacing Anderson and kept busy playing the San Francisco/Sacramento club scene.

After another hiatus the band again reformed in late 1997 with Anderson returning as drummer, Bobby Jordan (Porchupines, The Decibels, Go National) replacing White on bass and the addition Dan Reynoso (False Color Image, The Secretions) as a second guitarist.

1998 proved to be a great year with the band opening for several national touring acts, like Stiff Little Fingers, and playing with local favorites, the Groovie Ghoulies & The Brodys. The band also released its first full length CD, "12 Sucker Punches" followed by "Sell the Move" before finally disbanding in 2003.



    • The Unreleased Tracks

1994 7" self-released single

  1. Loser Like Eye
  2. Close But No Cigar
  3. No Offense, But I Love You

  • Wake Up and Smell The Knockoffs

1995 7" EP on Secret Center cat# SC15

  1. Rumble at the Housing Project
  2. That One Song
  3. Betty Can't Hold Her Liquor
  4. Deathwish Kind of Love
  5. Drive Drive Drive
  6. Kicked Out Of School

  • 12 Sucker Punches

1998 album

  • Sell the Move

2000 album on Slap Happy Records cat# SH011-2

  1. Burner Barrel
  2. Pennsyltucky Girl
  3. Never Fall In Love
  4. Lucky Lucky Me
  5. No Win Situation
  6. You Make Me Sit Funny
  7. No Tomorrow
  8. I Think I Wanna Be
  9. Everybody Knows
  10. When Things Go Wrong
  11. Last Summer Sucked
  12. Is, Was, Will Be (Hitman)