Helion Prime

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Sacramento, CA area sci-fi metal band.


Active from 2014 to present.[1]

Current Members

Former Members


  • Helion Prime

2016 CD/digital album

  1. Into the Alien Terrain
  2. The Drake Equation
  3. Life Finds a Way
  4. Into the Black Hole 04:52
  5. A Place I Thought I Knew
  6. Keep What You Kill
  7. Ocean of Time
  8. Moon-Watcher
  9. Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed)
  10. Live and Die On This Day

Niklas Isfeldt: Lead Male Vocals on "Live and Die On This Day"; Bryan Edwards: Lead Male Vocals on "Keep What You Kill"; Taylor Washington: Guitar Solos on "Life Finds a Way", "Moon-Watcher", "Live and Die on This Day"; Jeff Teets: Guitar Solo on "Into the Black Hole"; Steven Soderberg: Second Guitar Solo on "A Place I Thought I Knew"; Brett Windnagle: Solo on "Keep What You Kill"; Matt Krais: Guitar Solo on "Ocean of Time"; Ryan Patane: Keyboard Solo on "Ocean of Time"; Josh Schwartz: Guitar Solo on "Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed)"; Austin Benelty: Additional Keys and Orchestrations; Carlos Alvarez: Additional Guitars; Travis Sigler: Spoken words on "Into the Alien Terrain";

Produced by Jason Ashcraft, Heather Michele and Carlos Alvarez

Edited and Mixed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio Productions; Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studios

  • The Drake Equation

2015 digital EP

  1. The Drake Equation 4:34
  2. A Place I Thought I Knew 5:16