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Sacramento, CA area alt-country band that was a side project of the Groovie Ghoulies leader, Kepi started in 2003.



  • Battle of Wounded Heart (2007 album on Green Door)
  1. Carly Simon
  2. Algebra Song
  3. Battle of Wounded Heart
  4. Zombie Crush
  5. It Only Goes to Show
  6. Hair of Gold (and Skin of Blue)
  7. Ivy Says
  8. If You Need Me
  9. Highwayman
  10. Say It's Not You

  • Hurt and Alone (2005 album on Springman)
  1. Devil Town
  2. Right About Now
  3. I'd Rather Be Alone
  4. I Don't Wanna Be Like That
  5. Hurt & Alone
  6. Lonely Heart Blues
  7. When I'm Gone
  8. Message to Pretty


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