Focal Point

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Short-lived Sacramento/Elk Grove, CA area hardcore punk band, active from 1995-97. Ryan Clark left to sing for Training for Utopia and the band split.



  • Neglected
FocalPoint Neglected.jpg

1996 7" vinyl single on Life Sentence Records

  1. Neglected
  2. Violated
  3. Upright

Recorded By Eric Broyhill at Enharmonik Studios on Feb. 23 & 24 1996.

  • Suffering Of The Masses
FocalPoint Suffering.jpg

1996 album on Tooth & Nail Records TND1070 (CD) TNR1070 (vinyl)

  1. Inception
  2. When I Die
  3. Suffering Of The Masses
  4. Broken Bonds
  5. Homicide
  6. Enraged
  7. Neglected
  8. No Return
  9. Upright
  10. Deception
  11. Attainment

Recorded at Titan Studios, Sherman Oaks CA, August 1996. Produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Vail Blum.