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Filibuster started in 1991 in Sacramento, CA playing their brand of Street Music, Ska and Rocksteady mixed with Hip Hop and Northern Soul. Though the line up has been a revolving door of players over the years, the band stayed true to their street music roots. They started touring the West Coast in their beloved school bus "Belle" back in 1995 and didn't stop through 8 U.S tours and 2 European tours, the latter with the venerable Skatalites. The band's signature "Streetsteady' sound being an influence for many other bands and musicians. The group disbanded in 2003.

Final Lineup

Former Members


  • New Ruler and the King

1995 album on City of Dread cat# COD #9505-D01


  1. My Times, High Times
  2. No Good Rudie
  3. Rude Boy Situation
  4. Gun Man
  5. Fat Cat
  6. Showdown in River City
  7. Shake It Up Break It Up
  8. From Bad To Worse
  9. Come Get Your Licks
  10. In Due Time
  11. Best in Sound
  12. Little Bit More
  13. Loretta
  14. Good Train

Engineered by Eric Broyhill and recorded at Enharmonik Studios, Sacramento, CA

Re-released in 1998 as a limited edition vinyl double album by Cornerstone R.A.S. cat# PR 4001-252-1 with additional live tracks:

  1. Dawn Of The Death (Wow Hall, Eugene, OR February 1998)
  2. Rude Boy Situation (Wow Hall, Eugene, OR February 1998)
  3. Chin Up (Enharmonik Studios, Sacramento, CA July 1998)
  4. Citywide
  5. Me And All My Friends

  • The Means...

1997 album on Cornerstone R.A.S. cat# CRAS-006


  1. Intro
  2. Blunt
  3. 6 Wheels
  4. Eye 2 Eye
  5. Citywide
  6. McKinley Park
  7. Seems Like...
  8. Showdown Dub
  9. Outro

Recorded at Profound Sound, Sacramento, CA in October 1997. Mastered at Time Capsule, Long Beach CA.

  • Deadly Hifi

1999 album on Cornerstone R.A.S. cat# CRAS-013 / Skunk Records 4010-278-2


  1. Pale Writer 3:15
  2. Roadin' For Miles 3:24
  3. Batty Rider 2:38
  4. Backstreets 2:45
  5. Chip On My Shouler 2:25
  6. Aargh St. 9:36
  7. Bodies All Around 6:23
  8. Dark Cavern 3:48
  9. Rat Pack 3:48
  10. Sutter's Fort 3:27
  11. Whorse 4:28
  12. Me And All My Friends 2:31
  13. Dawning Of The Dead 2:38

Recorded at Electrical Audio Studio, Chicago, IL

Produced and recorded by Justin DeHart (track 10), Steve Albini (tracks 1-9, 11-13)