Duval Speck

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Folk-pop duo from Davis, CA active since 1993. They also appear as a full band under the name The Essentials.



  • Green Eye Blue Eye (1998 album on Surreymoon Music)
  1. White Dog
  2. Lights Out!
  3. Only Love
  4. Don't Fall Asleep
  5. Ashes
  6. Sweet Beyond
  7. Skinny
  8. Secret Meadow
  9. Green Eye Blue Eye
  10. Kiss Me In Public
  11. Misty Rain
  12. Goodbye

Guest musicians: Karen Almquist (slide guitar), Rick Zamora (electric guitar), Carla Campbell (Percussion), Andrew Enberg (drums), Joey Wisgirda (trumpet), Marty O'Hara (bass), Mary Madison (harmony vocals), Dave Rosenfeld (violin & mandolin)

Websites: Official Site: http://www.duvalspeck.com

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