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After working with luminaries such as Club Nouveau, Todd Rungren and former members of the Stray Cats, David Houston settled down in Sacramento where he emerged as the producer of choice for many of the scene's premiere artists. In addition, he released many of his own recordings working on several occasions with "the christynas" trio: Christina Maradik (Viola), Alison Sharkey (Cello) and Reylynn Goessling (Violin).

During 2011 Houston has been performing with the quartet "String Theory": Alison Sharkey (Cello), Micheal (Viola), Reylynn Goessling (Violin) and Shaun (Double Bass).

Solo Releases

  • The Wendy Tapes

1994 album; Remixed and reissued in 2004

  • Songs From Winter

1997 album; Remixed and reissued in 2004

  • The New Old CD

1998 album; Remixed and reissued in 2005

  • Heart With Tears

2000 album

  • No Bongos Tonight

2003 album

  • The Past

album of cover versions

  • Erik Satie Music

instrumental album

  • Earth And Moon

2003 album

  1. Queen Of Misery
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. Heather Robinson
  4. My Own Personal Goddess
  5. Strange Bird
  6. Brian Jones
  7. Love Let Me Be
  8. Drum And Drummer
  9. She Counts The Stars
  10. Lonely Girl
  11. Break Your Heart

  • david and the christynas

2005 album

  1. Her Little Black Book
  2. A Song Of Love
  3. Winter Lady
  4. Serenity
  5. My Back Pages
  6. Learn To Fly
  7. The Fall
  8. A Thousand Tears
  9. Suicides And Murder
  10. Suzanne
  11. Illumination

Other Credits

  • Kevin Seconds "Heaven's Near Wherever You Are" 2001: Bass, Keyboards, Editing & Mastering