Dan Andriano

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Daniel Michael Andriano (born June 27, 1977).

Chicago, IL area vocalist and bass player famous enough to be on Wikipedia.


Solo Releases

  • Mike Felumlee / Dan Andriano

2002 split CD EP on Double Zero Records DZ0013; Reissued 2012 as 12" EP on Artistic Integrity Records AIR-001

Mike Felumlee

  1. Something Better 4:44
  2. Sunshine 3:52
  3. As Long As We're Here 3:59

Dan Andriano

  1. Way Too Many Times 3:46
  2. Lucky Smoke Rings 2:08
  3. Let The Stars Play 1:54

Other Credits

  • The Falcon "God Don't Make No Trash or Up Your Ass with Broken Glass" 2004 EP: Bass
  • The Falcon "Unicornography" 2006 album: Bass, vocals
  • Ben Weasel "These Ones Are Bitter" 2007 album: Bass