Carquinez Straits

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Roots rock band formed in Sacramento, CA area in 1999 by Jed Brewer and former Toadmortons member, Greg Hain.

Brewer formed Carquinez Straits in part due to the uncertain nature of his other band, Harvester, once signed to Geffen Records. With members scattered over two states, Harvester’s periodical hiatuses left Brewer with lots of songs and nobody to play them with. So he formed a new band with Hain, guitarist Mark Searle (Forty Fingers, Blind Illusion) and drummer Brian Grattidge (Beatrice 9, Thornucopia).



  • The Flat Earth Just Got Flatter (2002 album)
  1. Cancer Cow
  2. Anderson Valley
  3. Underwater Light Bulb
  4. The Flat Earth Society
  5. Oatmeal Stout Man
  6. My First Hailstorm
  7. My Triumphant Return as a Fly
  8. Plain of Jars
  9. Rain Check on the Zoo
  10. Road Rage Bliss
  11. Old Fashioned

Guest musicians: Natan Rodriquez (pedal steel)

  • Where The Freeways Arc Over The Burnt Edges (2004 album)
  1. Not Even Storms
  2. Amazing Mystery Man
  3. Faint
  4. Pendleton
  5. The Nine Months of Summer
  6. Hi Guys of Poverty Ridge
  7. Four Blocks to Mexico
  8. Beehive of Regret
  9. The Beautiful Rot
  10. Drifternomics

Recorded at Futility Sound in West Sacramento

  1. Harlequin Davidson
  2. Standards
  3. Confusion Island
  4. Sturdy Like An Eggshell
  5. Paco + Witch
  6. The Spy From Cheyenne
  7. Dog Food Binge
  8. Victory Snicker
  9. Ice Storm
  10. The Time We Left H-Bomb in Woodland

Produced by Tony Cale. Recorded at Retrofit Studio in Sacramento. Guest musicians: Josh Lacey of Forever Goldrush (pedal steel)

  • Welcome to El Sobrante (2007 EP)

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