Beatrice 9

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Alternative rock band from Davis, CA.

Active: 1994-????



  1. Strange Lands Await!
  2. Risen Tides
  3. Bloody Eye
  4. Took the Bus to Veracruz
  5. Steel Top and Body
  6. Poison Mousse
  7. O, Carentan
  8. The Four Month Pill
  9. Flowerdumb
  10. You Only Live Twice
  11. Two Missing Fingers
  12. Snowpea
  13. Leave My Wounds Behind
  14. Slipp'ry Walls
  15. Voices in the Static

  • Little Stars Hung Upside Down (1996 album on Zero Hour Records)
  1. Man O'War (P.Lohstroh)
  2. The Squishy and Squeaky (P.Lohstroh)
  3. Yolo Club (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson)
  4. To Girlfriend (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson/B.Grattidge)
  5. Little Iodine (P.Lohstroh)
  6. Hot and Sour Soup (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson)
  7. Salamandar Suite (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson)
  8. Imaginary Campaigns (P.Lohstroh)
  9. Torquemada: Master of Cruelty (P.Lohstroh)
  10. Bare Bulb (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson)
  11. Burl Eyes (P.Lohstroh)
  12. Wasp Meet Windshield (P.Lohstroh/N.Dickerson/B.Grattidge)

Recorded at Mallon Patch, San Francisco, CA, December 1993 through August 1995