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Started in 1996, this small San Jose area label is owned by Mike Park (of Skankin' Pickle) and distributed by No Idea Records.


PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno CA 95030

Phone: (408) 395-0662



Cat# Artist Title Format Year
AM-001 Less than Jake Pezcore CD album 1995
AM-002 Various Misfits of Ska CD compilation 1997
AM-003 Slapstick Lookit! CD album 1996
AM-004 B. Lee Band The B. Lee Band CD/LP album 1996
AM-005 Link 80 17 Reasons... CD/LP album 1996
AM-006 Various Misfits of Ska II CD compilation 1997
AM-007 MU330 Press CD/LP album 1993
AM-008 MU330 Chumps On Parade CD/LP album 1997
AM-009 Slapstick Slapstick 2xLP compilation 2008
AM-010 Mealticket Lisa Marie CD/7" EP 1997
AM-011 The Broadways Big City... CD/7" EP 1997
AM-012 Slow Gherkin Double Happiness CD/LP album 1997
AM-013 Tuesday Early Summer CD/7" EP 1997
AM-014 Link 80 Killing Katie CD/10" album 1997
AM-015 Blue Meanies / MU330 Stone Cold Crazy / Vacation Split 7" 1997
AM-016 MU330 Crab Rangoon CD/LP/CS album 1997
AM-017 Unsteady Double or Nothing CD/LP album 1997
AM-018 Potshot Pots and Shots CD/LP album 1997
AM-019 Tuesday Freewheelin CD/LP album 1997
AM-020 The Chinkees Karaoke With The Chinkees 7"/10" single 1998
AM-021 The Broadways Broken Star CD/LP album 1997
AM-022 The Chinkees The Chinkees...Are Coming! CD/LP album 1998
AM-023 Five Iron Frenzy Miniature Golf Courses Of America Present 7" EP 1997
AM-024 Let's Go Bowling Freeway Lanes CD album 1998
AM-025 Johnny Socko Full Trucker Effect CD/LP album 1998
AM-026 Various Mailorder Is Fun! CD compilation 1998
AM-027 Korea Girl Reunion 7" single 1997
AM-027 The Alkaline Trio For Your Lungs Only CD/7" EP 1998
AM-153 Andrew Jackson Jihad People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World CD/LP album 2007
AM-165 Kevin Seconds Rise Up, Insomniacs! CD album 2008
AM-172 Andrew Jackson Jihad Only God Can Judge Me Vinyl 10" EP 2008
AM-183 The Apers You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On CD album 2009
AMR-186 Andrew Jackson Jihad Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems! And Such CD/LP compilation 2011
AM-187 Andrew Jackson Jihad Can't Maintain CD/LP album 2009
AM-190 The Riptides Tales From Planet Earth CD album 2010
AM-200 Kevin Seconds Good Luck Buttons LP album 2010
AM-222 The Apers The Apers Vinyl album 2012
AM-223 Andrew Jackson Jihad Knife Man CD/LP album 2011
AM-225 The Apers Live at The Eldorado CD/LP album 2012
AM-240 Andrew Jackson Jihad Rompilation CD compilation 2012
AM-247 Kevin Seconds Don't Let Me Lose Ya LP/CS album 2012
AM-248 Sundials When I Couldn't Breathe Vinyl album 2012
AM-261 The Riptides/The Apers What About The Monster? Vinyl split 7" 2013
AM-262 Larry and His Flask/Cobra Skulls Love For The Wicked / Relief Vinyl split 7" 2013
AM-263 Andrew Jackson Jihad Live at the Crescent Ballroom Vinyl double album 2013
AM-265 Dog Party Lost Control CD album 2013
AM-266 Wild Moth Over Again Vinyl album 2013
AM-269 Sundials Always Whatever: A Collection Of Songs From 2009-2012 Vinyl compilation 2013
AM-270 Great Apes Thread Vinyl album 2013
AM-275 Murderburgers These Are Only Problems CD album 2013
none Dwarves/The Riptides Stillborn In The U.S.A. Vinyl split 7" 2011