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Hardcore band from Seattle, WA formed in 1998.


Between 2000 and 2006 the constraints of Eglington's career as a financial analyst caused the band to enlist the help of several part-time guitarists to fill-out their lineup for their rigorous touring schedule. Among these guitarists are Chuck Rowell, Dustin Brown (featured on "City of the Stars"), Demian Johnston (of Playing Enemy), Patrick Cunningham (featured on "Forging Steel and Laying Stone"), and Stacy Schrag.


  • An Army of Evil Robots Programmed for Human Destruction (Rock and Roleplay records, 1999)
  • Harshing Your Mellow (CD - Dopamine records / Vinyl - Seventh Rule Recordings, 2001)
  • Elephantine (CD - Dopamine records / Vinyl - Seventh Rule Recordings, 2003)
  • City of the Stars (Seventh Rule Recordings, 2004)
  • Forging Steel and Laying Stone (Alternative Tentacles, 2006)
  • Navigating the Bronze (Alternative Tentacles, 2007)
  • Jersey Shores (Neurot Recordings, 2008)