99 Tales

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The Sacramento CA area band started out as a trio of friends around 1990 (Vince Martini, James McKernon, Dave Hays). Inspired by much of the underground music that they grew up with, as well as what is deemed Americana, this group launched into a sonic hybrid of the two styles.

The band eventually added another guitarist (Sean Schroeder), creating a twangfest of fat-body guitars! Unfortunately, through death and departures, the band had to go through some lineup changes. In the mid 90's, the band was lucky to acquire Davis, CA musician, Kim Williams (now Martini), went through a temporary drummer (Tom Selear), then happily landed their permanent drummer in Matt Shelley.

Current Members:

Former Members:


  • Stories from Salem

1995 album

  • Poor Little Knitter On The Road - A Tribute To The Knitters

1999 compilation album on Bloodshot Records

Track #11 "Baby Out Of Jail"

  • Ninety Nine Tales

2000 album on Clementine Records

  1. Diamond
  2. Promise Me
  3. Place Without A Name
  4. In The Sea Called The Night
  5. Fever
  6. Middle Of The Night
  7. Stardust
  8. Slowly
  9. white Cloud
  10. This Land
  11. June Song
  12. Coming Home Again

Vince Martini - Vocals, Guitars, Lap Steel

Kim Williams - Vocals-Bass

Sean Schroeder - Guitars, Slide Guitar

Dave Hays - Drums

Recorded by John Baccigaluppi and Darin Keatley at Enharmonik Studios, Sacramento CA.

  • Full Moon, Empty Heart

2004 album on Clementine Records

  1. New Jersey Themepark
  2. Which Way The Smoke Blows
  3. This Only Road
  4. Old Flowers
  5. The Last Miners Rag
  6. Kara's Lament
  7. Into The Winter's Hold
  8. Full Moon Empty Heart
  9. Gazebo Tree
  10. Bad Painted Smile
  11. 500 More Miles
  12. Along The Railroad
  13. Northern Melody

Vince Martini - Vocals, Guitar, Violin

Kim Martini - Vocals, Bass

Sean Schroeder - Guitar, Lap Steel

Matt Shelley - Drums