Call It Natural Selection

There were this guy from Arkansas named Jethro walking down the road one day 'til he noticed his friend across the road carrying a bag.
Jethro: "Hey Billy Joe what you got in that bag?"
Billy Joe: "In this bag here I got me chickens."
Jethro: "Chickens! I sure would like chickens. I bet you if I guess how many chickens you got in that thar bag you give me one..."
Billy Joe: "Sheeeeiiit Jethro if you guess how many chickens I got in this bag I'll give you *BOTH* of them"
Jethro: "uhhh...5?"
Billy Joe: "Nope!"

Q: What has 99 legs & 49 teeth?
A: The front row at a Willie Nelson concert.

Q. How can we tell that the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia?
A. Had it been invented elsewhere, it would have been called a "teethbrush."

Q: What is the definition of a hillbilly virgin?
A: An ugly twelve year old who can outrun her brothers.

Q: What's the difference between trash and white trash?
A: Absolutely nothing. They both drive around in dump trucks, smell like crap and get more and more rotten each day.

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