Those Super Delegates Had Better Do The Right Thing

I’ve never missed an election but I may just sit out the presidential election in November. Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton is going to get the requisite 2100 or so committed delegates needed for nomination, which is going to leave it up to those 800 super delegates. If they in any way give the nomination to either candidate that does not have the delegate lead and/or lead in the popular vote, then to me that is the same as ignoring the will of the people. As much as I hate this war with the white hot intensity of a supernova, taking my vote away from me is far, far worse and makes the Democrats no better than the Republicans — and I hate Republicans. I will not stand for that — and I will never vote for a Republican — so I just won’t vote.

And from what I’ve seen, there are millions of independents that voted in the democratic primaries that feel the exact same way, so those super delegates had better do the right thing: Nominate who a preponderance of us voted for. Otherwise have fun with a Republican regime in the White House for another eight years.