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MCZ Motorsport 250 Podcast: 2018 F1 Season Review

The MCZ Motorsports 250 “2018 Formula One Season Review” podcast is now available!

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MCZ 250: 2010 F1 Season Review

The latest MCZ Motorsports 250 podcast is now available via iTunes or directly from our website. Subscribe to our RSS feed for more shows throughout the 2011 season
Here are the notes from the 2010 F1 Season Review show:

Red Bull-Renault: Favoritism or did Webber blink? Should have won by 200 pts
498 pts 9 wins/15 poles/6 FL
Vettel (1st) 5/10/3/256 pts – Incredibly fast, dubious passer but still a Champion
Webber (3rd) 4/5/3/242 pts – Fastest conspiracy theorist on the grid – secret injury did him in.

McLaren-Mercedes: Losing their way, in a friendly fashion.
454 pts 5 wins/1 pole/6 FL
Hamilton (4th) 3/1/5/240 pts – too many breakdown, mentally and mechanically.
Button (5th) 2/0/1/214 pts – beautiful racecraft, lousy qualifying.

Ferrari: Too little, too late…and team order make it a one-car team.
396 pts 5 wins/2 poles/5 FL
Alonso (2nd) 5/2/5/252 pts – grabbed the team by the scruff of the neck
Massa (6th) 144 pts – wilted into the Spaniard’s shadow

Mercedes: liking the old guard too much
214 pts
Rosberg (7th) 142 pts – made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear
Schumacher (9th) 72 pts – is Ross Brawn the only one that still believes?

Renault: almost there is not enough for Renault
163 pts 2 FL
Kubica (8th) 0/0/1 136 pts – really showed his talent as undoubted team leader
Petrov (13th) 0/0/1 27 pts – struggled a lot but finished strong

Williams-Cosworth: paying for its independence but still moving on up.
69 pts 1 pole
Barrichello (10th) 47 pts – the old man still has the fire…and the pace.
Hulkenburg (14th) 0/1/0 22 pts – slow start, fast finish, much promise.

Force India-Mercedes: Promise then backsliding after major defections.
68 pts
Sutil (11th) 47 pts – steady if unspectacular. The clock is ticking – do something soon.
Liuzzi (15th) 21 pts – too many excuses, not enough performance.

Sauber-Ferrari: finds a diamond in the rough. Respectable performance after a last minute entry.
44 pts
Kobayashi (12th) 32 pts – discovery of the season…after he stopped hitting things.
De la Rosa (17th) 6 pts – lots of experience, not enough speed.
Heidfeld (18th) 6 pts – lots of experience and still has the speed.

Toro Rosso-Ferrari: Worst of the Best, but at least now a real manufacturer.
13 pts
Buemi (16th) 8 pts – quietly did the job, when the wheels stayed on.
Alguersauri (19th) 5 pts – rough start, better finish.

Lotus-Cosworth: Best of the Rest
0 pts
Kovalainen – showed he has driving and firefighting skills. A great asset to the team.
Trulli – still has the speed, and still has the “it’s not my fault” attitude.

HRT-Cosworth: simply making up the numbers. A disaster from the beginning, it didn’t get better.
0 pts
Chandhok / Yamamoto / Klien / Senna – all proof that simply driving in an F1 race has huge allure, despite absolutely NO chance of being competitive.

Virgin Racing-Cosworth: learning a lot. Now they need to prove they won’t make the same mistakes again.
0 pts
Glock – showed grit and patience, though it may not be rewarded.
De Grassi – too many rookie mistakes to warrant another chance

Look for the 2011 season preview podcast in about one week.