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If It Were Up To The BCS, Part IV

If it were up to the BCS, the New England Patriots, with the best record in the NFL, and the Atlanta Falcons, with the best record in the NFC, would be playing each other for football’s world championship in Super Bowl XLIV…

Both teams were eliminated in their conference semifinals by the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers respectively, both teams the last seed in their respective conferences.


Flip-Flop Favre IV: New York

Part 4? Who am I kidding, this could be Part IX, X or XI…
Every year it seems, we get to hear Brett Favre vacillate over retirement, actually retire or re-retire and generally drive his team to distraction. This year is no different, just the setting has changed.

Green Bay had the good sense to rid themselves of the headache and go with low-maintenance Aaron Rodgers. The New York Jets ownership meanwhile, jumped at the chance to get a Star Quarterback (even though his star was fading) and even though it went against the style and plans of their coach – which ended up costing him his job.

For a few games it looked like it might work, but when the running game disappeared and Ol’ Brett was forced to throw…well let’s just say DB’s had a field day – he didn’t even want to finish the last game against the Dolphins. Favre (which appears to be Creole for “Big Ego”) refused to integrate himself with the rest of the Jets players, which alienated them – and ultimately the fans too.

Let me put it this way, Brett; New York fans are hardcore and they won’t put up with your crap the way those wacky Cheeseheads did. They have a message for you and believe me, they speak for us all, “Shit or get off the pot, buddy…and make it snappy.”