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Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton

First off, I am a law abiding, legal resident of the United States of America – and have been for almost 30 years – but I did not have the right to vote yesterday where Donald J. Trump was elected to be the 45th President.

Secondly, I work in the technology sector and I work with a lot of data so in many ways, with what happened recently in my home country and the ways that I interpret and translate data on a daily basis, I more than anyone should have seen this coming. Now that I have started to look at the polling data from the yesterday and compare it to that of the Brexit vote earlier in the year, the parallels are ominous.

Urban vs Rural

Just as in the UK referendum where the large metropolitan areas voted to remain in the European Union, urban areas voted for Hillary Clinton while rural areas voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, who railed against the “elite establishment” on behalf of the “down-trodden everyman” at every rally.

This image shows the Brexit results, with London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff (as well as all of Scotland) voting to stay in the EU:

Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton: Brexit Results
Brexit Results

Compare this to the election results from the state of Texas – almost everyone’s idea of a traditional Republican stronghold – and you see an eerily similar layout. While Trump took the state (and its 38 electoral votes) with 52.6% of the vote, you can clearly see in the image below that Clinton took all the major urban areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso.

Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton: Texas results from the 11/2016 election
Texas results from the 11/2016 election

The exact same pattern emerged in New York, where Clinton took the electoral votes, with this time the combined New York City, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester and Buffalo urban areas outweighing the pro-Trump rural areas.

Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton: New York voting results from 11/2016
New York voting results from 11/2016

Young vs Old

This election broke the hearts of a generation of American voters. Just as young Brits had voted overwhelmingly in favor of remaining in the EU so too had young Americans rallied first behind Bernie Saunders, but then behind Hillary Clinton against the misogynist, anti-LBGTQ, anti-immigration platform of Trump.

Bresit vs Trump:  Brexit results by age
Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton: Brexit results by age
Brexit vs Trump vs Clinton: Election 2016 results by age
Brexit vs Trump: Election 2016 results by age

White vs Not

Finally more than anything, Trump rode to victory on the backs of white males whipped up into a frenzy by his xenophobic rhetoric. The BBC reported that of the 250 US counties with the highest white population, 249 of them voted Republican with Trump taking at least 58% of the overall white vote, perhaps as much as 70% according to USA Today. There are no polling numbers for the Brexit referendum with regards to race but a telling fact is that the five areas with the highest percentage of “leave” votes were all in the east Midlands where the population is overwhelmingly white but has also seen some of the largest influxes of Eastern European refugees seeking employment.

What Does It Mean?

Months after the likes of UKIP fearmonger Nigel Farage declared, “The the dawn is breaking on an independent nation”, the British government has yet to trigger Article 50 and begin formal talks to leave the European Union. Just last week the UK High Court ruled that Parliament must vote on whether to begin the process, further delaying the timetable.

Will this be the same fate awaiting President Donald Trump’s aggressive, nationalist policies that he pledged to begin upon entering office? Most probably.

Will they be starting “The Wall” come mid-2017? I highly doubt it.

The man who stated during a televised debate that his opponent should be in jail, thanked her for her service to the country during his acceptance speech. Just as Farage lied through his teeth to sway the UK to leave the EU, Trump was willing to say literally anything to get elected.

Duping millions was easy. Now comes the hard part.

Hammered Parrot

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Hillary Clinton: The Difficult But Crucial Decision

We have reached the point in the United States election cycle where many Democrats must make a difficult but crucial decision. Bernie Sanders has run a wonderful grass roots campaign that has stirred many previously ambivalent to politics, especially those just old enough to vote for the first time. He is the anti-establishment candidate that many wanted, but not enough of them could be found to derail support for Hillary Clinton and her more mainstream ideas.

They now have a bitter pill to swallow, but gulp it down they must. It is crucial to the Democrats chances of success in November that they put aside their differences and say, “I’m With Her.”

Why Hillary?

Because 99% of the Republicans who were sickened by Donald Trump’s racist comments (at Judge Gonzalo Curiel), thin-skinned outbursts at the press (at ABC’s Tom Llamas) or simply crackpot ideas (a Mexican funded border wall) are now endorsing him. Exhibit A: Paul Ryan.

They don’t care if he’s a whackjob. He’s a Republican (at least this week) and they’ll vote for him.

It’s time for the flicker that was fanned so that it made you “Feel The Bern” to be turned on Trump, not Hillary. It’s time to quickly concede that the fight for the party nomination is over and turn the focus on the bigger, much more ominous target. For unless you want four years of bigotry, bullying, name calling and hissy fits from the Oval Office, it’s time to “Bern The Donald.”

Clinton may not be your first choice but the alternative come November is terrifying.





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Hillary Ain’t Talkin’ To Us

I think everybody is missing the real point when Hillary Clinton repeatedly and demonstrably exclaims her “35 years of experience”. Conspiracy theorist that I am, I realize that she isn’t talking to us, the electorate. Mrs. Clinton has known for quite some time now that neither she nor Senator Barak Obama can or will get enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. No, Senator Clinton is speaking directly to the almost 800 superdelegates who will make up their minds on their own time through backroom deals and decide, regardless of who a majority of primary voters choose, who they think will best represent the Democratic Party in the November presidential election.

That experience she is talking about is the 35 years since marrying Bill that she has been a water-carrier and political operative for the Democratic Party. She is citing her 35 years of loyal party service to those superdelegates and reminding them that after all she’s done for the party these many decades they had better vote for her because she is owed this.

Hillary is basically practicing the same dynamic that George W. Bush uses all the time. Every time “G-Dub” spews any of his Orwellian Authoritarian drivel — which is all the time — he isn’t speaking to a majority of us. He is speaking to the 24% hardcore constituency who still supports him and is either too stupid or too scared not to buy into his load of manure. Like “G-Dub”, Hillary knows exactly whom she is talking to when she talks about her experience — and it ain’t you or me or us or anybody who she appears to be speaking to at the moment, be it the media or an arena full of supporters.

Senator Clinton is basically telling those superdelegates, “After all I’ve done my adult life for you people, I’ve waited in line all this time. It’s finally my time to reap the rewards of all my loyal support to you and to be the nominee. You all owe this to me, and no upstart who has the temerity not to wait his turn had better cut in line ahead of me and take what’s mine.”

– daveydoug