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Manor Racing: Ron Dennis’ F1 Revenge?

Now ousted from the team he lead to prominence is Ron Dennis planning a takeover of Manor F1 as a means of gaining revenge on McLaren?

Towards the end of the 2016 Formula One season it became clear that Manor Racing owner Stephen Fitzpatrick was trying to sell the team and had been in serious discussions with Tavo Hellmund, promoter of the United States and Mexican Grand Prix about a possible sale. However when the team lost out to Sauber for 10th place in the Championship and the associated future prize fund money, thanks to Felipe Nasr’s inspired drive in Brazil, those talks stalled.

Former Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon had also been talking to Fitzpatrick and was hoping to use Indonesian businessman Ricardo Gelael’s money to fund a purchase, but those talks had also floundered as the season went on.

Enter Dennis

Ron Dennis portrait: Future Manor owner?
Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis’ “Project 4” merged with the original McLaren Racing in 1980 to form McLaren International and at one time he owned all the shares, but over the years divested his holding to finance first the TAG-Porsche engine program and then to partner with Daimler AG for Mercedes engines.

In his efforts to buy out his former partners at McLaren, Ron Dennis put together a consortium of Chinese investors to purchase the 75% of shares he did not own. His UKP1.65bn ($2.04bn) bid was turned down. Add to that the 25% holding that Dennis could sell if he moved on to a new team.

With that kind of capital at his disposal the purchase of Manor Racing would be comparative peanuts. The team has a new factory in Banbury and a contract with his old friends at Mercedes for engines. That would leave plenty of cash left over to invest in new equipment and staff. Speaking of which…

The current Manor Racing Director Dave Ryan spent a large part of his career working for Dennis at McLaren before departing in 2009 and recently released McLaren Chief Executive  Jost Capito, hand picked by Dennis, is now free to join another team.

The pieces fit together well, so let’s see if Ron is going to be taking a drive up the M40 from Woking to Banbury before pre-season testing starts this year.

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F1 2016: Testing Roundup

The two sessions of preseason testing, totaling just eight days of running in Barcelona, are now complete and it is time to prepare the cars for shipment to Australia.

Even though running was limited the teams managed to pack n the miles with the average amount of running the equivalent of twelve Grand Prix distances! Of course some teams ran better than others and Mercedes AMG was far ahead of anyone else, running over 19 race distances while encountering just one mechanical issue.

The only other team to stand out on the positive side was Scuderia Toro Rosso who, despite the last minute change to Ferrari power units, ran very reliably and put in over 1,000 laps.

The middle of the pack comprised of Williams, Ferrari, Force India, Red Bull, Renault and Sauber (albeit with their 2015 car at the first test). They all put in an average amount of laps, they all suffered mechanical problems at some point and they all put in competitive lap times at times.

McLaren-Honda would have also fit into that group, too had it not been for one abysmal day to end the first test where they spent all day chasing coolant leaks.

It was really no surprise that both Manor with their new Mercedes power units and Haas as a completely new team both ran into problems. Both outfits ran close to 500 laps but are both going to be playing catch up at the opening flyaway races and will be lucky to be competitive.

F1 2016 Test Summary
F1 2016 Test Summary

Look for our 2016 Season Preview later this week!



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F1 Testing: Barcelona Test One Conclusions

The four day test at the Circuit de Catalunya is now complete with Ferrari setting the fastest time on three of the four days (utilizing the new ultra-soft tyres), but Mercedes logging almost twice as many laps – and using only medium compound rubber.

The Mercedes was bullet proof, which meant changing their driver scheduling to “avoid fatigue”(!), while Ferrari ran into cooling issues towards the end of the test.

After a bumpy start the Renault team logged solid mileage in the last two days with Kevin Magnussen, while Toro Rosso and Red Bull both ran solidly. Williams started slowly and ended badly but were saved by two solid days in between, while the 2015 Sauber ran as expected the team is still behind the Eight Ball in their preparations for Australia.

The decision to give rookie Alfonso Celis two full days in the Force India was odd given the limited testing time available and his ability to give feedback to the team, as opposed to the experience of Perez and Hulkenberg, but they put in useful mileage.

As expected, Haas had teething problems but responded well while Manor also struggled somewhat to put in meaningful laps with the new Mercedes power unit – not helped by Hatyanto’s crash on Thursday.

Things seemed to have improved dramatically at McLaren-Honda until a coolant leak sidelined the car completely on Thursday, adding to Fernando Alonso’s frustrations.

2016 Barcelona Test One
2016 Barcelona Test One

So now both we and the teams have just a few days to regroup before the second and final test March 1st.
Will we see then just how fast the Mercedes is or will they continue to sandbag?
Will Ferrari put in the miles or once again go for speed?
Will Honda finally come through for McLaren?
We’ll see next week…



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