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EPL In A Nutshell: Aston Villa vs West Ham

At the start of every season West Ham supports, like me, have a sense of optimism about the coming campaign. Sometime it takes several months for it to be beaten out of us. On rare occasions it lasts all season.
This time it lasted about 30 seconds…

Opening the 2010-2011 season against Aston Villa, it looked as though Avram Grant had nipped into the pub across from Villa Park and handed 11 slightly buzzed guys West Ham shirts. He also needs to start drug testing Robert Green, because he played like he was stoned…

From the opening whistle Villa tore into West Ham with verve and energy led by a sublime James Milner, in probably his last game for the club. He was ably assisted by Ashley Young and the superb performance of 20-year old Marc Albrighton.

It could have been 5-0 at half-time but after the break with the addition of Pablo Barrera and Frederic Piquionne, for maybe 15 minutes, the real West Ham showed up and looked to be making a game of it. All thoughts of a comeback were extinguished by Milner’s fine goal to make it 3-0 and the Hammers faded back to playing like the Pig & Whistle Reserves in quick succession.