Worst Album Covers Ever: Volume 2

Volume 2: Just Plain Creepy

Quite obviously jazz flutist Herbie Mann was the inspiration for the legendary, Ron Burgundy.
1972. Germany.
You’re a Prog Rock band.
Those guys from Yes have Roger Dean.
You have ladies underwear.
Eddie Mack is obviously a dirty old man.
But seriously, you’d smile like that too.
That really is lead singer Garry Dalloway (on the left)
There are so many creepy James Last album covers, that it’s hard to choose just one…
This is the album cover that inspired this whole page. I think it’s the mustache.
It scares me.
Speaking of mustaches…
PLEASE don’t request any Ken.
Wait…Is this the Tootsie original soundtrack album?
Heino is a Herr. Honestly. He is…
…he plays the accordion too.
There had to be some bad heavy metal in here somewhere, right?
Leather codpieces o’plenty on this Man’O’war…
Just what was the Art Director smoking?
Obviously you were sharing that spliff too, Millie…
Clowns scare me…
Mr Bat scares the f*%& out of me
Come On Eileen, lend me your underwear.
Seriously, Kevin. You should have stuck to the overalls.