Worst Album Covers Ever: Volume 1

Religion makes you do strange things (on your album cover)


They probably killed themselves, Freddie.
I mean, come on, white booties?
Nothing says “I Love Jesus” like a creepy ventriloquist dummy
Wait is that Hurley from Lost?
And was Al Davis a woman before he owned the Raiders?
Country? I think these guys are from a different PLANET. The poor abductee woman has no idea what’s in store…
Are you sure the “Karatist Preacher” isn’t Mike Myers? Hiiiii-yaaa!
Probably THE most unfortunate possible title for an album made by a group of ministers…
OK, WHAT is with all the freakin’ ventriloquist dummies?
It’s creeping me out, man!
…and so is your fashion sense.
Digging those outfits – and they all look so happy to be there.
Seriously, that has to be a young Stephen Fry on the right.
They look like something Stephen King would have dreamed up, just before they take you back to their “cabin”
The guys were just pleased they used up all of that material for the dresses…
Lowell Mason – The Singing Midget.
Nuf Said.