Donald Trump Must Be Stopped

Keith Olbermann posted this video after the second Presidential debate two weeks ago. Tonight wannabe facist dictator Donald Trump had the chance to renege on the statement but once again implied that he would not accept the results of the election. This is not only an incredible, but also a terrifying prospect that could well lead this country into acts of domestic terrorism brought forth by his supporters.

Chris Rock once said he wasn’t scared of Al Qaeda, he was scared of Al Cracker.

Al Cracker is wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and he is drinking in all the bile that Trump spews. Just as we saw with the foiled plot to kill Somali immigrants in Kansas, come November 9th that anger may boil over and this disgusting excuse for a human being that masquerades as a “leader” is doing everything he can to foment it.

This is a dark period in this country – let us hope that we can peacefully move forward from it.

Hammered Parrot

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