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MCZ Earworm: Nick Lowe “Tokyo Bay/Crying Inside”

Today’s MCZ Earworm is a special treat – some new rockabilly from one of the most clever and prolific songwriters England has ever produced, the great Nick Lowe. This is the title cut from his new EP with his Yep Roc label mates and frequent touring partners Los Straitjackets, “Tokyo Bay/Crying Inside”.

The four-song EP features the two new Lowe originals of its title, plus covers of songs popularized by Dionne Warwick (“Heartbreaker”) and Cliff Richard (“Travellin’ Light”). Nick and Los Straitjackets will be playing several shows in the Northeast USA and Canada during June and July, so catch them live if you can.

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MCZ Earworm: Ward Thomas “Cartwheels”

“Cartwheels” is the title track of Ward Thomas’s second album, out on 2nd September 2016. This stripped down acoustic version was recorded at Kensaltown Studios in London where the British twin sisters, Catherine and Lizzy Ward-Thomas  made the album.

Visit them on Facebook or look for them on tour around the United Kingdom and Ireland this fall.


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MCZ Earworm: The Bitter Elegance “Calling You Out”

Our latest MCZ Earworm is from right here in Sacramento.
Another fine example of the quality music being produced around Northern California!

From The Bitter Elegance comes this pop-rock gem, “Calling You Out”.

Formed in 2015 from the core of another local pop stalwart, the band will be bringing their signature brand of pop-rock, goth and glitter (and kitties) to the stage in June for an album release extravaganza.

The video, directed by Carlos Hernandez was filmed in the band’s own performance space where they will be debuting music from their forthcoming debut album “Painting Over Your Ghost” on June 11th and really gives you a great sense of what their live show will look like.

The Bitter Elegance
Filming the video for “Calling You Out”

Visit them on Facebook for more information about the album and upcoming shows.

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