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Battling For Hearts and Minds

I have just come across a piece written by Jacqueline Lopour of the Centre for International Governance Innovation for Reuters web site. Titled “The scariest thing about Islamic State? Its kinder, gentler side“, it highlights a very important point that a lot people seem to be missing:

What if the occupied people don’t want Islamic State to leave?

This would change the situation in the Middle East immensely: Islamic State becomes a de facto government supported by the people living under strict Sharia Law but in relatively good conditions. The United States, Europe, the Gulf States, even Russia go from being their liberators to being the attackers of peace and stability, igniting more hatred and recruiting more volunteers for missions like we saw in Paris.

This truly is a terrifying prospect and one that needs to be addressed before it is too late.

The Doctor’s Orders: Stupid People

Perhaps The Doctor has been following the election coverage from up above?

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups...
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups…

“The Doctor’s Orders” is a series of insights, witticisms and life observations taken from the archives of the late, great D.Lawrence Haynes AKA The Doctor.



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